2017 Winners

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Bronze Packaging

Yellow Pages

"The Lemonade Stand"

(Leo Burnett)

Yellow Pages (YP) couldn’t shake its “dusty phone book” perception amongst Canadian small-to- medium-sized business (SMB) owners looking for the right digital partner. Competing with giants like Google on SOV wasn’t viable, so the brand needed a unique and ownable “way in” to get itself onto SMB owners’ shopping list.

While digital business solution providers each offer a different range of products and services, they all compete on the same benefits: value and ease. While YP offers a comparative set of products and services, they couldn’t compete with companies who were purpose-built to deliver them.

An audit of existing brand research uncovered a nugget: what YP customers valued most went beyond its products and services. They most valued their reps. While the competition relies on automated services and how-to videos, YP has a team of over 1,000 advisors who work directly with SMB owners to help them succeed in digital.

As the brand’s most compelling point of difference, the advisors were chosen to be at the center of the campaign’s story. In order to convince SMB owners that YP digital products equal more customers, agency Leo Burnett looked beyond a traditional “push” message and put the brand in the shoes of the target. We opened a small business of our own: a Lemonade Stand.

When it came to producing and supporting it, we kept our budgets small, and only promoted it using the same YP products and services SMB owners would have access to. We designed everything from the store to the bottles, and used YP’s advisors to promote the store using YP digital products and services.

When The Lemonade Stand opened its doors, the whole neighbourhood knew – and came to buy. The collective efforts led to 1,600 products sold in the first seven days, with shoppers lined up out the door, daily. But more importantly, we exceeded all of our communication objectives, generated leads and changed perceptions of YP.

In just four short weeks, 31% of SMB owners say they are more likely to contact YP, with campaign lead generation exceeding online listing norms (and objectives). Ad impressions (just under one million) exceeded objectives by 80%, engagement rate of 7% exceeded objectives by 6 times and 46% of SMB owners now see YP as a credible supplier of digital marketing solutions (+13%)


Advertiser: Yellow Pages

Agency: Leo Burnett

Chief Creative Officer: Judy John

CDs: Lisa Greenberg, Sean Ganann

Group CDs: Ryan Crouchman

Copywriter: Marty Hoefkes

AD: Mike Morelli

Designer: Dejan Djuric

Executive Producer: Franca Piacente

Agency Producer: Milena Malovic, Gord Cathmoir

Group Account Director: Chris Perron

Account Director: Brittany Gold

Account Executive: Hazel deVela

Senior Planner: Trevor Thomas

Production Company: Untitled Films

Executive Producer: Peter Davis, Lexy Kavluk

Producer: Jason Friedman

Director: Hubert Davis

DOP: Chris Mably

Line Producer: Erik Wilson

Production Designer: Michael Walker

Casting: Jigsaw

Casting Director: Shasta Lutz

Editing Company: Rooster Post

Editor: Dave De Carlo

Assistant Editor: Allesandra Di Simone

Executive Producer: Yumi Suyama

Transfer: The Vanity

Colorist: Andrew Exworth

Online: Fort York

Flame Artist: Andrew Rolfe

Music House: The Eggplant

Executive Producer: Nicola Treadgold

Music Director: Rocco Gagliese

Producer: Lindsay Fry

Media Company: Jungle Media

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